Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Evil No. 1: Esprit Sales
Even on normal days, Esprit have a corner which have all the sales items.. When it's normal priced, I find EDC clothes abit too ex, I just can't fork out 50 bucks for a tee, it's way too much. But after a few month, they would mark down the price and how can I resist a EDC tee going for 20 bucks?!
So mei and I went over to Esprit last weekend and spend almost 200 bucks.. hai.. we just cannot resist sales.

Evil No. 2: Nail Polish websites
This is bad, very bad.. I got introduced to a few great sites like Scrangie and Polish Mayhem.. I dunno where they get the time to try out so many nail polishes!!! And all of them are like so nice! And since ah dear is going to US soon, I'm preparing my nail polish shopping list already :p there's just too many to buy and I dun have enough space to keep them all!

Evil No. 3: The Paper Market
Now this is just pure evil.. first the catchy name, Paper Market.. Paper Market, it must sell paper! I'm always wary of scrapping supply stores, I dun wanna start something which I cannot stop, crystals are bad enough, but scrapping?! I'm thankful they have so much supplies then I sorta got lost and decided to give up.
Scrapping materials are not cheap and my crystal hobby is already a pretty pricey one.
And then this Paper Market comes up, right next to the escalator at Raffles City! How can I not go in?? How can I resist all the stickers and papers and cute little stuff!!

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