Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's not easy to build and it's easy to be destroyed.

After all that had happened, it's really hard for me to trust again. In the first place, I never really like the idea of trusting people, bad experience in the past had made me trust no one but myself.. But sooner or later, I have to learn to trust someone again and I've decided that he's worth my trust.. Guess my judgment wasn't fantastic and he had disappointed me time and again.

I can forgive but I cannot forget what had happened. I just cannot trust him as much as I did in the past..

I dun think he understands that.. I think he have no idea why I was so pissed last night. Just 2 weeks ago he lied to me about going to Sentosa with his friend, does he seriously expect me to believe that he went to Sentosa with his friends yesterday? And he could not even bother to call me if I had not called him.

Then he stayed out late without even bothering to inform me about it. For all I know, he could have died on the way home, but what do I know?

I dunno what to say, I dunno what to think. If he cannot understand how I feel, that I think there's no point in apologizing coz it's just empty words. I dun need apologies, I need action and I'm not seeing anything.

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