Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wrong wrong wrong..

This is so wrong.. Why the hell do we want to have a whale shark in a fish tank? No matter how big an aquarium is, it's still a bloody tank and it's wrong to keep such magnificent animals all trapped in such a tiny place..

We're talking about creature who roams the ocean; we're talking about creature who swims miles and miles everyday.. and you want to keep them in a teeny tank?! Can I keep the spokesperson in a storeroom (I'm talking about HDB storeroom) for a week and see jus how he feels..

So it brings in curious onlookers, but at what cost? Are we so desperate that we need such gimmicks to attract tourists?

It's so wrong.. just look at killer whales, have you ever seen a killer whale with bent dorsal fin? It's just sad.. and how many whale sharks actually survive in captivity? We're not even talking about breeding here, we're just talking about survival. If the whale shark cannot even survive in capitvity, how dare you even talk about conservation!

Do they even know what conservation is about?! You catch a creature, you tear them away from their natural environment, you put them up for display and you call that conservation?! Fine, we shall not keep the spokesperson in capitivity this time, why not we put his children in in a glass tank and then tell we're just trying to protect them, just see how he will feel.

Money is not the all important thing in life, there's so much more things that are important but somehow the people up there, you know the people in white just have no idea.. to them money is everything.. money money money.. how dare the people in white blame video games for all the recent events, they have to blame their policies, their it's sucess-or-nothing policies which pushes people to extreme.

Again it's wrong.. sign the petition..

Animal welfare groups oppose whale sharks at Singapore casino
Seven local and international animal welfare groups have launched an online campaign opposing plans by a Singapore casino developer to import whale sharks for its planned aquarium. ... ...

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