Thursday, February 05, 2009

The years..

We've known each other for the last 9 years.. been together for the last 4 years.. married for the last 2 years.. It's actually pretty amazing that we've came so far. When we first met, I had a crush on Ah Dear, he was this cute tall guy with blue eyes (contacts lah, the hiao guy :p) and the irresistible smile. But he was more interested in our other colleague and another cute guy joined us shortly..

Still we click from the moment we met and we have always been good friends despite our temp job assignments ending with me going to Uni and him going to Poly. No matter how long it has been since we last met or spoke, we always have things to talk about.. As much as I believe that I hold my life in my own hands, sometimes when things are meant to happen, it will just happen.

Ah Dear and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary on monday, we went to pai tai shui, prawn-ing then dinner at Halia. It's a bit tiao-tone, very cheena in the morning, very ah beng in the afternoon, then very romantic at night.. but that's just typical of us, we do what we like to do and it doesn't matter if it's not in-sync with what people thinks. Nope, there's no flowers, no cakes, no presents, just the two of us spending some quality time together doing our fav things.

And yes, I do like to go to the temple, and we adopted our very own Loyang Terrapin (aka LYT) on monday :p haha.. ok, actually someone left the terrapin in the fish pond and I just took it home, my mummy said can one ok! Anyway the LYT is super lazy and sleeps all day long!

Oh I finally got my Xperia.. the Pana decided to die on me (I think it's the hypersim and not the phone) so I just went ahead to get the new phone.. another 900 bucks down the drain and I haven even go gmask the phone!! After the gmask, it's time for crystals! I have no idea what to do yet, but I'll think of something.. :p

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