Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I'm not usual superstitious, but sometimes I cannot help being superstitious.. Everything that can go wrong just went wrong...

Today is a absolutely horrid day..

The morning started out wrong when my morning schedule is disrupted, I have a pretty serious case of OCD in the morning, I have to do my wake-up-routine in this particular manner or I'll get really upset.. It's no one's fault but I would feel like the whole world had done me wrong.. I'm not a morning person, never was, is not, and never will be.. Mornings are meant to be spent in bed, not waking up to go to work.

Then first thing I came into the office, that stupid PA bitch came bugging me.. Ok.. it's my fault that her boss forgets his ATM PIN, yes it's my fault, it's my fault that he has so much money, works in such a high position and yet cannot use an ATM properly, it's all my fault. Then the other PA have to come bug me, at least this PA is polite, just a little more kancheong.. I must go ask Tian's bf about people working in that company, I really dunno what's wrong with them.. It's always them..

Then my authorizer happily type type type and authorized something which I wanted her to reject >_<" Win lor.. I have call this person -> email her -> get directed to another person -> sent another email -> receive an email -> sent another email before finally correcting the mistake which was not mine to begin with.. argh...

Then people keep calling and calling and calling.. I call them, they dun pick up, when I'm on another call then they call me.. argh!!! Then they call, they ask me stupid questions which they could easily have gotten the answers by looking at our website or calling our hotline..

And when I finally had time to go for lunch, I can actually buy something, pay for it and happily forgot to pick it up..

I win, I'm simply amazing and this is such an amazing day..

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