Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year = New Hopes?

Well that's what I hope but hopes and reality, more often than not, don't match up.

It's just another year.. yet another year spent at home watching countdown on tv. And pardon me, I dun watch local tv, why would I watch some crappy countdown show by some weird unknowns when I could watch the 7 hour long countdown, stat-studded live telecast from Taipei :p

Just like I dun read local news, I dun watch local TV. The only channel worth watch is really Arts Central coz they do show some good documentaries, other than that.. erm.. IMO, local news is just tabloids, if the news is important enough, it will be reported on Bloomberg, so if it's not on Bloomberg, I don't think I should waste my time reading it.

My new year wish? To be in Taipei for the 2010 countdown.. and start looking for a job in Taiwan so that we can move over there to stay for long-term. I'm not gonna give up my Singapore passport, it still have its advantages, but I would like to stay in Taiwan for the long term. Hmm.. why Taiwan? Because I want to live in a place where I can bring my dog everywhere, and I do mean everywhere; I want to live in a place with culture and history (Singapore is just a city, I asked my Japanese and she agrees that Singapore have no culture); and I feel at home when I'm in Taiwan, though it's an unfamiliar place, it feels like home.

Work is work as usual, no good news at all to perk us up.. it's work, work, work and more work..

It's weddings after weddings and weddings.. it really gets tedious after a while.. I dun mind giving angpaos, but at least I should feel like it's worth the price and my time.. maybe it's just that I'm too broke, waaaaay overspent for Xmas and now I'm suffering, plus there's no news from work.. haiz.. I dun care, this year, it's 2 bucks for all the angpaos, regardless of who you are.. And I dun have to give any angpao for my side of the family coz there were 2 deaths in the family last year. Come to think of it, I shouldn't attend any weddings at all.. damn, why didn't I think of that?

The Singapore Tattoo Convention is coming up this week! At least something I can look forward to.. how? I'm really really tempted to get another one!! but again I'm broke.. damn.. damn.. damn..

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