Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ubin Fishing Trip

My first ever fishing trip to Ubin.. it was interesting but not likely something which I would do again in the near future..

I'm squeamish, I dun like to see to see the poor fishie suffer, it's just.. eee...

On the boat..

The erm.. mining site (?) in ubin

Ah Dear with Aaron..

see why I'm squeamish? me no like worms... and the worm have teeth!! omg!! plus it stinks.. ewww...

Thanks to me (first timer luck), Ah dear managed to get his one and only catch for the day :p

A Stingray!! around 15cm in diameter.. the sad thing was.. the stingray was pregnant.. and how did we know that? It gave birth shortly after Ah dear chopped off its tail.. .. .. ..

We all felt so bad but there was nothing we could do but to release the baby and hope that it can survive on its own..

I got my bao ying, I got sunburnt that day, and have a total of 6 big blisters on my foot.. a small price compared to killing a pregnant fish..

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