Wednesday, October 24, 2007


All of us are prejudiced some way or another, like I dun like that particular group of people I'm constantly forced to work with; like the malay taxi uncle who blames everything on the Jews; like certain Christian groups who hates gays.

We're humans and it's just being human to not like certain things, with or without any reason. But the difference lies in how we handle that prejudice. For me, I just grumble to my friends about how that group of people are to work with, then get on with it; the taxi uncle also just grumbles and I cannot see him doing anything radical about his prejudice; then we come to the Christian groups and I hate to say this, they are doing nothing but perpetuating hatred.

It is one thing to grumble about the people you dislike, it's another to rally other people to join you in your dislike, to me that is really hate speech, so why aren't they charged for sedition?? Gays may not be a race of their own, they may not be a religious group, but you cannot deny there is a substantial number of gays living in our society, so it is just wrong when another group speaks out against them, trying to deny them of their basic human rights.

They argue that gays are not born and it's by choice they become gays, going by that argument, cyclist are not born cyclist and it's by choice to become cyclist. Now are cyclist a road hazard? I've seen with my own eyes that a certain number are, so is that enough for me to start rallying against cyclist? Of course not! This is a simple case of it's-none-of-my-business. What happens behind closed doors and behind closed doors and remains their issue, not ours. I believe there are sufficient laws to protect anyone who is not willing to engage in sex, natural or unnatural, heterosexual or homosexual.

If gays are promoting their gay agenda, pushing for the rights to get married, lower consensual age.. then what are the Christians doing? Aren't they also pushing for their own agenda? What the agenda really is? I have no idea and I do not want to know about it because what their God "thinks" have nothing to do with me. I respect people and their beliefs, and I also hope that they respect me and my non-beliefs.

The government likes to use the excuse that the majority is conservative, blah blah blah.. I would think that the majority dun give a damn if 377A is repeal or not, like what my mum said, what gays do in their homes is their business. Just like the government have no rights to stop consensual, of age, heterosexual couples having sex in their own homes, they have no rights to stop consensual, of age, homosexual couples having sex in their own homes. Let's not go down the slippery slope, please return the gays their basic human rights.

Repeal it.

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