Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food for the Gods

That's the name of this brownie-like pastry from the Philippines but after all the trouble to get it, I realized that Ensamada is more interesting. And to me, the real food for the gods is Patchi .

We all heard about Belgium chocolate but who knows that Lebanese chocolate is just as good? Hailed from the middle east, Patchi really have to be one of the best chocolate I've ever tasted and the best thing is, they finally opened a branch in Singapore! omg omg omg.. I just can't contain my excitement when I saw the store over in Taka yesterday..

The chocolate is really very good, it just melts in your mouth and you cant help but give out a sigh of happiness coz it's that good. Let's not bring Godiva or Leonidas or Neuhaus into the picture coz their price range is off the scales! Patchi is reasonably priced at $12.30 per 150gm and their chocolate bar only costs 3 bucks, that's like the price of a Marks and Spencer chocolate bar! Cheap!!

I think I'm in heaven, finally I have access to my fav chocolate without having to fly halfway around the globe for it.. ^^/

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