Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random Pictures

Finally plonked my ass down in front of the pc and start to upload photos :p

Went to CommunicAsia the other day and.. .. disappointing.. There's like hardly nothing to see at all! I still remember last year and my cute Motorola model, this year, Motorola did not even join the show.. boring..

Here's the Flickr set of the phone pics..

This is one of the phones I like, the design is so like 912SH!! Damn Starhub, why can't they just bring the phones in?? They can work with our network lor! All of them are on roaming, if only I have the money, will just buy the phone and line in Japan and use roaming in sg..

Yes I'm crazy.. but all the phones comes with digital TV functions lor.. haiz.. When will we ever get phones so good.. There was a sony phone on display, it comes with a Bravia screen.. damn..

But at least I still have my 903sh with Aquos screen.. hee


Ah bear on our home made swing.. hee..

Ah Dear and I heart my Ah bear..



Yummy seafood platter from Greenwood Fish Market, absolutely superb!!



Us ^^/


Finally moving on to our new place.. it's under renovation now..


The whole place was a mess about a week ago, but the contractors work real fast, 2 days and everything which needs to be knocked down is knocked down.. cool..

That pile of sand cost us 500 bucks ok!! dun play play :p

Everything is on schedule, we already have the wall tiles up on both bathroom and the contractors are starting on the kitchen.. ^^/

Now is time to settle the bed.. is $3600 for a Simmons expensive?? Or well worth the price?

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