Sunday, June 24, 2007

26th Birthday pictures!!

It's a sweet 26th birthday.. I'm a very lucky person to have so many sweet people around me.. And it's a especially nice birthday coz it stretched over 2 weeks :p

First are my sweet sweet colleagues.. though they got the date wrong :p it was a week early but hey it's not everyday we get a surprise..


Chocolates!! Mint chocolates some more!! ^^/

And of course there's sweet laogong..


You're my sunshine too my dear ah gong.. *muaah*


My birthday present!! What I wanted for the longest time!! Finally I got my entire series of A Series of Unforunate Events!! Thank you ah dear..

A few days after my birthday, I received the sweetest card in the mail. It's been ages since I've received a personal snail mail.. My dearest buddy sent the cutest card all the way from down under!

The card is super kawaii!! I love it!! Thanks girl!!

And the meetup with the gang :) Book Cafe is really a nice place, we should meet there more often, I like places which serves breakfast all day long.. hee..

I'm blessed.. ^^/

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