Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dark and Peeling

The sun over at Koh Samui is really something, I'm super dark now and Ah Dear is peeling :p It's so weird looking into the mirror and seeing this dark person looking back at me, it's been ages since I was this dark, I'm usually the fair one so this is really a new look for me.

Oh, add in the red nose, I think I can start to audition to be a clown :p

Koh Samui trip was fantastic!! I would love to go there again.. Shall post with pics soon.. I hope :p


b.muse said...

you?? tanned??? o_O
Haha I'm looking fwd to the pics. :p

But good to noe you had a great hol. :)

Jayce said...

actually not tanned :p just dark arms with white band (coz of watch), red nose, red cheeks and red thighs.. I look funny >.<