Tuesday, April 17, 2007


8 hours of sleep, 10 hours of work and 6 hours of bliss.. Though I would like to have more blissful time, but one have to learn to be contented.

It's lovely to be able to spend so much time with Ah Dear, though we dun do much at most times, just watching tv and lazing around, but to me that's really what life. Life is not about work, how much you achieve at work, how much you earn, life is about who you return home to after work. Thus I do not believe in working late, there is a reason for work-life balance, but it seems like no one really bothers about it.

Everyday, I look forward to the moment when I leave the office and see my Ah Dear waiting for me right outside my office block. No matter how pissed I am with the things going on at work, the sight of him will still bring a smile to my face. Being able to be with my hubby is true bliss.

Spending time with my friends is truly a blessing too :) The girls (plus Ivan of course) met up at Werner's Place for some lovely German food on Sunday, though almost everyone got lost (the place is hard to find!!), we still managed to gather by 2 and had a lovely lunch with all the chitchat and sharing : ) Oh, it's also a belated birthday celebration for Ivan, who is now in Dubai again!! Kor!! We'll miss you lots!! By the time you get back, we should be able to have gathering over at my place :)

Speaking of which, we finally went for our first appointment last week, 2nd appointment would be sometime late may, so it means we're getting our place in June!! I'm really pretty excited and I've already started shopping for our place. Currently we have two cushions and 2 mats.. hee.. Chip and Dale cushion, plus Snoopy and Stitch mat :p

Oh oh, and we brought our first tv yesterday!! Wohoo~~ A Sharp Aquos 32" LCD tv wor!! Only 1699, darn cheap lor, and it comes with a 200 bucks voucher, so I think it's really worth it. I have 2 sharp now, one 2.2" and one 32" hee...

The tv is going into our media room, no more projection tv but I think 32" suffices. All we need now is to hunt for another tv for the master bedroom and we're done. Ah Dear and I thought about it last nite and we decided that there's not gonna be a tv in the living room, coz come to think of it, 3 TVs in a flat for two? I dun think we have enough eyes for all of them, so we shall settle for two for now.

I'm loving my flat already, it's gonna be very studio-apartment-like, we're gonna have a walk-in wardrobe and a media room, a master bedroom and a study. As for the living room.. now that we're not gonna have a tv set, maybe our tank could take its place. One marine and one tropical fish tank : )

It's gonna be a lovely place ^^/

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