Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Word of the Day

Site upgradation

Now isn't that an interesting word, I've heard of site upgrades, upgrading projects but site upgradation??

They have such vivid imaginations, to even come up with words of their own.

Been busy busy busy.. Work is like crazy and I almost had to go back to the office last weekend. Luckily I didn't and guess what?! It's all for nothing yet again. gee.. this is happening once too often, what exactly is going on here?

Been kinda sick too.. Things always happen at the same time, shitload of work gets thrown my way and I have to catch a cold. Bad things follows one another.

Not much mood to blog recently.. Either I'm too tired or too negative.. I miss the happy-me, she seem to be enjoying herself with a long vacation, leaving angry-me and sick-me alone dealing with all the shit.

It feels best to be home.. with my xiao hei and xiao bai.. I <3>

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