Friday, March 30, 2007

Raising BP

Now I know why my BP is high.. ok, not high, but too high for my age.. I'm fine, not dying as yet, just that the doc told me that my BP is too high for his comfort and that I should learn to relax more and keep myself stress-free. The problem is, how am I going to keep myself stress-free when I'm working with idiots?

I hate it when people push the blame, bounce things back and forth and we'll never get anything done. That's what my dear tech guy from India likes to do, my friends tell me that I must had been a very bad person in India in my past life, else I would not have all the Indians ganging up against me right now. Let me state again, I'm perfectly fine with Singaporean Indians, but I have issues with India Indians professionally, they simply refuse to work with me.

I have no idea if they know what work ethics are but when we have issues and need to look for them, they are never around, when they need us, they will call us 24/7. In meetings, they are the ones with the loudest voice, but when it comes to execution, you'll never see them do anything.

Then my idiot IT guy, he has a Master degree?! My foot, he cannot even understand basic English and how technology works and someone dare tell me he have a masters?

What he's good at is passing the buck.. Now I have an issue with my system that had been pending for the past 2 weeks.. 2 weeks ago, the technical team did some changes to the system due to another problem, so before the changes were done, my stuff was able to load without a problem, but after the fix, my stuff is not able to load. Now it's pretty clear that this is a system issue since it was able to work before the changes were done and unable to work after the changes, logical right? Apparently not, he's now blaming my stuff for being the source of the problem.. What the fuck is this??

Really cannot tahan him, I dunno what the fuck he have for brains.. Ever since he started work, we've been having problems with him. There's just one word to describe him, Moron. I've never met someone so stupid that it takes me 2 weeks and over 20 calls before he understood that I just want to know if X will replace Y. Yes, it's fucking 2 weeks, imagine the waste of time.

I can already feel my BP going up once I saw who's calling.. argh.. I hate that moron.

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