Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I didn't feel the ground shaking, though I saw water vibrating.. We got evacuated from the building twice within 2 hours. For the first time our fire warden got a call from the building management and we thought it was a joke, turned out to be real and we took the lift down.

There was no alarms and no announcements, the situation was that rumors and panic was spreading so the building management decided to ask everyone to evacuate, what kinda crisis management is that? No announcement at all and everyone else was just blindly following the crowd.

Later again at 2pm, some people were asked to leave the building and others were not allowed to enter the building. By this time, we were already back in the office and just doing our work, oblivious to everything. I was in the washroom when the second quake happened, I didn't feel it but when I got into the washroom, I noticed the water in the toilet bowl vibrating, it was like something out of the movies but I ignored it, thinking that it's probably just normal water movement. Turned out I was wrong and it's indeed vibration from the earthquake, now that I think of it, it's pretty scary.

Soon we got a PA announcement, telling us that it's confirmed that there has been a second earthquake but there is no structural damage to the building and there will be more updates later. That was it, all the time they never asked us to evacuate and they are preventing people from entering the building. So are we supposed to go down with the building? Our big boss called up about 5 minutes later and asked us to come down immediately, informing us that people were not allowed to enter the building at all, that's when we knew.

My beef with this whole situation, what the fuck is the building management doing? Where did their crisis management lessons go to? It's people's lives at stake here, so what if it's just tremors, it's still freaking scary ok.

After going through all these, I'm really not in the mood to work, what if there's another quake?? Good thing big boss is understanding and he told us that we'll be leaving early today, whether there's any more quakes. Our nerves deserve a good rest.

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