Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm stupid

hey, *bitch* wants you to give her a call for blah blah blah..

Now am I stupid or what? I gave a call back right after I received the message and I actually got told off by the bitch for calling her back?!

I never knew how stupid I am, that when someone sends me a message from bitch telling me to call her back, I should not gong gong go and call the bitch back. What I should do is analyze bitch's words, put myself in that empty space she calls a head and try to understand from her point of view that giving the bitch a call back means sending her a text message.

Wow, that is such a tough task, I do not think my intelligence is high enough for such a challenge.

The messenger is not to be blamed, she's just conveying bitch's words.. How can we be intelligent enough to decipher bitch's words, it's so profound that we probably need decades before we can even start to scrape the surface of her vast empty space.

I feel so small and stupid in front of the bitch.

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