Friday, October 20, 2006


Lucky I'm not popular enough to get trolls, though I do get my hate comments now and then, the one or two hate mails. But they don't bother me coz it's a simple matter of hitting the delete button for me. Easy.

When I read certain sites, I'm amazed by the amount of flak the bloggers get, and totally amazed at their patience with these trolls. First up is I'mNotSorry.Net (INS), where you can find a lot of stupid remarks from Pro-Lifers, then it's Singapore Alternatives where you get anti-WP comments and defaming comments.

One thing in common for spammers, almost all of them are anonymous. These people have no guts, none at all, they just hide behind the name anonymous and bark like dogs with rabies. They really have nothing better to do, it's one thing to stand for one's point of view, it's another to rave like a mad person.

For INS, I'm not surprised to see the pro-lifer's posts, many are fundamentalist who do not believe in a woman's rights to choose. These people have the most to lose if woman in their lives found their voices, thus they are outright against INS and what it stands for. I may not agree with their view, but at least I can understand where they are coming from.

But the spammers over at Goh Meng Seng's blog, now that baffles me. It's one thing to be anti-opposition, but to love PAP to their extent?! It's amazing. Some people are either blind or plain stupid, if only they open their eyes, they would see exactly what PAP had done for us. I admit, they've done a lot of good, from nothing to something, but is all the credit due to them? Taiwan have a fucked up government (I'm on the Red side), but have its economy grew as well as ours? Yes, it did, and so did Hong Kong and South Korea. Credit should be given where it's due, Pappy did good, but the overall economic environment helped too.

I used to be pro-pappy, until I start to see with my own eyes, until I start to think before I realize that this is not a democracy, this is imperialism. Who are the kings and queens, well well...

I'm ok to live with imperialism, as long as we the people are treated fairly? But are we? Meritocracy have its merits, but have anyone thought in the shoes of those being marginalized? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Don't come tell me that more poor are owning their own HDB flats, now how many years do they still have in order to pay up their loans?? In Singapore, we do not "own" houses, we just "rent" them from the government through the HDB board..

We have public transportation that earns millions a year and yet cite increase in oil prices to justify price hikes. And guess what, the transportation board that decides if the price hikes are reasonable or not, consists of transportation operators!? Of course they would find the hikes reasonable...

We should not have so much faith in our government, no matter who is calling the shots, for humans are fallible, we all make mistakes and some can be costlier than others. We must learn to think for ourselves, not take things at face value. Pappy may be good now, but who knows when w a rouge may come out their ranks, life loves to throw curve balls at us.

Spammers are like children, armed with a gun and shooting at any target that moves. I find them childish, what does name-calling and such help in progressing their ideals? Nothing, it just shows how silly and immature they call. When someone resorts to name-calling, it's because he cannot find any arguments against what you stand for, he's just plain desperate to be heard. So hear him we shall, and laugh at them we shall. Who cares about the opinion of someone who dare not even put down their names? Cowards.

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