Monday, October 02, 2006


It happens every single time when my dad returns from his China trips.

Everyone of us loves watching dramas, with the exception of my kor who loves anime, but I guess it's all the same, we just love to spend our time in front of the telly.

Now mum, dajie and mei is crazy over the Korean Palace show, the one that's gonna be on channel u at 7pm soon. Me? I still heart my Joe from It all started with a kiss. Yesterday, Ah dear and I spent one whole day watching GTO :) The show may be old but it still makes us laugh ^^/ Ah dear is just as bad as us, I wanted to stop at the 4th episode and he insisted that we continue :p *tsk tsk* hee..

After GTO, it's gonna be the original Jap It started with a kiss :) My chong chong!! hee.. Ah dear have something against my Joe (He's just plain jealous that Joe is taller :p) so he would only watch the Jap version. Oh well.. I've already started on the show for the second time :)

Other than drama-crazy, Ah dear and I are officially Tama-crazy :p hee.. yes, we're already in our twenties and we're playing with Tamagotchi :p Version 3!! The characters are so so so so cute! And there's more games to play :p Ok, I'm officially crazy, but I don't care. Shall post some pics later :p and vid.. hee

Now Ah Dear's sis will be going off to Japan soon, I'm praying she have time to help me get my Uratama!!! Jap version is always more exciting than the US one :p Also hoping that my vendor got the Uratama for me, he did say he'll help me look out for it *cross fingers*

I have not been posting much lately, things are really going crazy at work, been staying late for like so many days already, if I can get OT pay, I think it might be more than my monthly pay :p But then.. oh well..

Let just see if the pay raise that my boss promised will materialize.

Ah dear and I have more or less set on our wedding date. As with all things, reality and dreams do not go hand-in-hand. I shall not have my dream of getting married on one single day, instead, it's going to be a ROM day followed by traditional wedding a year later. I don't like it, but given that I'm not a rich brat, and neither of our dads owns a bank, we don't have much of a choice.

We're trying to make it on the same day, so we can celebrate our first anniversary when we're having our traditional wedding, kill two birds with one stone "p and I'm not good with dates, so the less dates to remember the better.

Once we're married, we can start looking for a flat proper. After the disastrous viewing of the walk-in selection at Red Hill, we're gonna just stick to resale flats, the new HDB units are just too tiny for our liking. I can't imagine staying in a master bedroom that's the same size as my current room!! And the five-room flat has an area of my current 4-room flat and cost at least a hundred thousand more. It's ridiculous! Oh there are cheaper flats in Sengkang and Buangkok, but I'm so not interested in those areas. Ah dear hates places with LRT coz of the sky-high costs of LRT rides; and I don't like them coz the flats are also tiny and the roofs are so low.. I'm short and I think the roof is low, what about Ah Dear?

Old flats are still better, besides, there's the 40k grant which can be used as down payment, so we don't have to fork out a single cent to buy the flat. But renovation and furniture is altogether another issue :p

Sometimes we wish that our lives can be like all the dramas we watch, the girl will always fall in love with the handsome and rich guy and they will live happily ever after. But life is never like so, and fairytales can get boring after awhile.

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