Thursday, September 21, 2006

Police-Free Morning.. almost..

Finally the ordeal is over, no more police hanging around and staring at us like we've done something wrong; no more silly traffic police trying to tell us that we should not cross the road coz people got hurt. Well almost..

Today is the first after a long while since I've stepped out of the train station and see no police in sight.. Zero.

Citylink was clear too, no police at every single pillar.

Marina was clear, hardly any people around except for some models rehearsing for the Saudi Arabia thingy.

It's only at the entrance of PanPac where I saw one single police standing guard. I guess not all the IMF pple have left town.

But it's a good sign, finally things are getting back to normal. The shops in the suntec area must be thanking god right now for finally their sales can get back to normal, oh, so must the taxi drivers..

I really think this whole IMF is a flop, right from the start till the end. Except for our own papers, I don't think we had much positive feedback. I think, if the govt could just allocate half of the money and let my PR team handle this event, we will be able to be a much better job. After all, my PR team are professionals.

Now, I complain a lot about the government and singapore politics in general. And no, I do not have solutions, I only have displeasure, but at least I voice out my thoughts, at least I show my displeasure and not take it as it is. I do not think that complaining about singapore politics is a bad thing, at least it shows that I care, and that I think.

I do not take things as it is, so what if my voice is only heard by one and the "gods" in the upper echelons will never hear me?? At least one person understands the indignities I felt. I will not sit down and let the government walk all over me, it's not right. I'm not the most righteous person when I see something so fundamentally wrong, I have to say something.

So I will continue with my criticism, I will continue with my complains, if I can think of solutions, I will voice out, but if not, why do we pay LHL 70k a month?! Coming up with policies and solutions is his problem, not mine.

Almost on the same track.. The issue of children. My buddies know that I only like children when they are quiet, once they start to cry or make noise, I will give them that disgusted face. Now don't come telling me that things will be different when the child is their own, that's bullshit, if a person don't like something, they will never like it, so why force them to??

Now this issue is almost on the same track coz I do not see a future for my children in Singapore. Nope. Just look at the screwed-up education system, just look at the tons of work that children as young as 4 years old have to do. Where's their childhood? Singapore is only good for it's security, other than that, I really do not see any other merits for raising my child here.

I rather have my child grow up in places like Australia, places with natural beauty and a slower pace of life. I'm already stuck in the rat race, I do not want my children to suffer the same fate. Just look at me and the average Singaporean, do we have dreams? Do we have ambitions? No, all we want is to find a good job and that's it. A life without dreams, it's one of the saddest things in life.

Maybe I will grow to like children, maybe I will find an environment suitable to raise kids, but in the meantime, I shall just have my doggies :)


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