Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The power of cc

Grouses about work again.. This time round it's the technical support that's giving me problems, oh, they happen to Indian nationals too.. damn..

So the problem came about last week when the technical team DID NOT INFORM me of a SERVER RESTART, which resulted in my Indian participants (yes, India again) having problems completing their online examination. Ok, the technical people restarted the server at 9.30pm, but that's only 7pm in India and they work late, till like 10pm.

Feeling pissed, I sent a mail to their boss to feedback on this incident. The main point I was trying to make in the mail was for them to inform us if there is going to be any downtime, so that we could let the rest of the region know and make the necessary adjustments.

Today I got their boss's reply and he actually had the cheek to tell me that the shutdown was done after office hours and we have to inform them if we need to use the system after office hours!! Super pissed!! Hello, I'm running a regional office here, office hours, whose office hours is he talking about?

So I sent another email back to him, asking him that question, exactly whose office hours are we following, and I copied my big boss on the mail. Oh, I was very sarcastic on both mails, I hate it when they give me such half-fucked, sub-standard work and reply.

Guess what, the technical head suddenly came back with a very nice mail, explaining what happened and assuring us that such an incident will not happen again.

Ah.. the power of cc. I did the right thing when I copied my big boss in that mail.

In the past, I'm hesitant to write nasty, sarcastic mails, but these days, if someone piss me off, they can rest assure that I will send them a nasty mail and I will copy their bosses on that mail.


b.muse said...

good on you girl! :)
Sigh, sad but true fact of life: that sometimes you need to be nasty to get things done. Cos if not ppl will jus step all over you, dunno how to appreciate when we're nice.

But it's ok.. u still have us, who appreciate the gem u are. ;)

yj said...

cool, that's the spirit man! haha.. and hope the big boss read the technical head's half-fucked reply to the original email. :p