Monday, July 31, 2006

忙... 忘...


And that's the reason why I do not like to work.

Back during school days, there will be times where we will be so busy, but that time always ends and soon we'll have holidays where we can recharge. But once we stepped into the working world, all that luxury is gone, we have so much things to do, projects after projects, we become so busy that we forgot what life is like before work.

All we can think of is work work work. That's not life, life is not about work. But who cares about this opinion of mine? All they care about is whether I finished my work.

Whores, we are nothing but corporate whores, selling our souls to this huge corporate entity which have only profits in mind. What headcount? What OT? As long as we can generate revenue, do you honestly think it cares if we die at work?? Dying from overwork, if only it's not such negative publicity, would the companies really bother?

Maybe I just haven found my calling.. As mentioned before, my boss always say I lack the passion, yes I do, I do not have the passion for my line of work, I do not think that it's interesting and I do not for one moment think that it's important other than giving me my pay.

Training is interesting, training is a long term investment, training is something I do in order to earn my keep. Passion? In training? I rather eat celery anytime.

That day my boss told us something.. That training is not about the money, that training is about the passion, it's about the satisfaction that you get when you see others grow. My answer.. When someone tells you that money is not the driving force, it's because they have the money in the first place. Tell a struggling worker that money is not what they should work for and that job satisfaction is what they should aim for and see what they tell you.

We need to work to earn, my boss can afford to stay home and shake her legs for all she likes. That's the different between us and that's one of the reason why I can never find the passion for my job. It's a job and when it's knock off time, I forget all about work and start living my life for real.

I do not want to work and work and forget that there's other more important things in life, like living a proper life. I do not want to slough all my life just to realize that I've reached my end without doing anything I like.

That's not my life, that's the life of a typical Singaporean. I will not sell my soul to a state who does not care for us. (why does everything leads to politics??)

haiz.. Life life life.. I shall not let work consume me and take over my life.


yj said...

hmm... actually, i don't mind working. OT also ok. i'm not sure but perhaps you never experience unemployment before, and hope you never have to because it's really terrible. no work means no money means no food.....

Jayce said...

Yah, maybe I'm considered fortunate, I voluntarily stay unemployed.

But life is not all about work, life is about having fun and living it to the fullest. Work is always just a means to an end for me.