Saturday, June 03, 2006

I will survive

This week had really been a toxic week.. Been having meetings all the way till after 7 everyday :( *tired*

It's been meetings after concalls after netmeetings.. then it's the same thing all over again.. I dun mind meetings as long as it's short and sweet, but when it drags on and on with no end can be seen..

It's tiring to be in meetings, trying to explain very simple stuff to those stupid people.

I hope that their nuclear experiment will go wrong then all of them can be nuked out of existance!! bloody people!!!

After the stressful week, I thought I could finally have a good rest.. but luck was not on my side.. I actually had food posioning this morning.. For the whole morning, I was in agony, the stomach cramps... :( :( :( :(

Lucky after seeing the doc and taking a ton of medication, it went away.

I will never want that to happen again.. the cramps just comes and goes and then comes back again.. it's pure agony.. ..

Let's just hope that tomorrow will be a better day :p

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