Thursday, May 04, 2006

What the fuck is her problem?!

All she fucking does is to shift the numbers around and make it seem like we're doing a lot of work. Those numbers are fucking big lor, it's totally impossible.

I seriously think it's not her fault but the bloody system's fault. Who the fuck thought up of the bloody mandays thing that makes no sense at all. What number of training days multiple by number of people trained.

Doesn't it make sense that if 1 person attends a half day training course, that would be counted as half a man day? And if 2 person attend the course, then it would be one full man day? Then if 4 person attend the course, it would be 2 full manday.

No, the logic don't work like so. Let's say that there's 2 courses, course A and course B, both are half day courses. 2 person attended course A and another 2 person attended course B.

So logically, the total manday would be 2 days right? Wrong!

According to my boss, you must add up the total number of people trained, which is 4. Then you add up the total number of training days, which is half plus half, so I get 1.

And then you multiple the total number of people trained by the total number of training days, which is 1 multiple by 4 and you get a total of 4 mandays.

This is totally confusing and does not make sense to me at all. Either I'm very stupid that I cannot understand the logic behind this manday thing, or there's no logic at all and it's all a ruse created by people in training to get a bigger budget.

I like to believe it's the latter. If not, can someone please explain what mandays mean to me?? I really really do not get it and my boss is irritating me like hell right now.

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