Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's all over

Well the results are out and the dust is settled.

Results are more of less expected, no really big surprises. Winning margins are not as high as the previous election but is more or less in line with the 1997 elections.

Oh, I’m one of the 39,534 in Sembawang GRC that voted for SDP. Reason for doing so, though SDP is pretty radical and unprepared, I’m impressed by Chee Siok Chin. Also I admire the courage of Yaw Shin Leong, Glenda Han, Abdul Salim, Melvin Tan, Gopal Krishnan, Lee Wai Leng, for willing to step up and fight against the incumbent.

True that PAP won by the largest margin in Sembawang, I hope that Khaw will not mistake this as a personal win, coz it’s not.

SDP’s team was courageous to step up, but they lack the organization and maturity in campaigning. And more importantly, they were plagued by the threat of lawsuits against them and so were unable to challenge Khaw on the issue of NKF. Before elections, they wanted to fight against Khaw on NKF incident, but nothing was said about it in their campaign except for the silent protest. It’s a pity, for if they had challenged Khaw on this issue, they might had been able to garner more votes, but alas. It’s such a pity.

So Khaw, please do not for one moment think that you have the people’s endorsement, you only won by so much because the competitor was weaken by skillful players.

Khaw.. oh my.. *shakes head* I really hope that I do not fall sick and have to be hospitalized in the near future, I cannot start to imagine how sky high medical bills will hit. Also I have to start buying insurance and endowment plans so that when I’m old, I would not be “given a choice” to live in our neighboring country.

What a joke.. having him as our Health Minister, the person who tries to offload our old people; the person who was on Durai’s side; the person who said he saved NKF; the boss who after 2~3 years, do not know the criteria hospitals use to evaluate if a patient deserves to be in C class ward.

I really need a very comprehensive health coverage plan. It’s better to think for myself instead of looking upon the government to help look after me. It’s really like Benjamin from Animal Farm, lucky I can’t be made into glue.

I’m pretty disappointed that Steve Chia lost, I thought he had a pretty ok chance to win this time round. I just saw his book in Kinokuniya, was tempted to buy it, but didn’t in the end. It’s interesting to see how he got involved in politics. Will he keep his word and leave the political scene after this lost? Personally I hope not, but I think he will. *sad*

I’m comforted that at least all the opposition candidates can get their deposits back. Also Chiam won by a pretty good margin, and so did Low.

I’m comforted that WP’s new team won 30+% of the votes in AMK, despite being so new and inexperienced. Strong mandate for our PM in his ward? Hmm.. I dunno.. You should had seen his face during the CNA interview, he do not seem too happy, but then again, I may be wrong. A 60+% mandate is still pretty ok, considering that it’s the PM’s ward. Hahah..

Now that the staus quo remained the same, I expect several things to happen.. Increase in transportation, increase in GST, increase in hospital charges and all the other increases. Do you honestly think that the progress package is meant to share the wealth and help the needy? It’s just a ploy to get votes and once the votes are in, it’s time to take back everything.

It’s always been this way. It can never change till Singaporeans realize that they have to stand up and make the change themselves. We need diversity, we need people who can stand up for themselves, we need people who really cares and fights for us. We do not need free-riders that move into parliament by riding on the coattails of strong MPs, we don’t need elites who do not understand and care about the plights of us.

It’s sad. But life goes on. WP did real well this time round, I believe they would do even better in the next election.


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