Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I shall still blog on the elections..

.. provided I have the time :p

Do read Yawning Bread's post on Blogging during elections, as usual, he sees through all the haze surrounding the ambiguious laws and let us know that blogging about politics is still ok during elections.

I shall talk about my views, even if there's a ban on political advertisement, I don't see where my views fall in.. My views remains my views, everyone have their own views, it have nothing to do with political advertisements.

But I probably would not say much, coz I'm kinda busy with work right now, there's so much things to follow up.. argh.. and meetings.. I hate meetings..

Anyway, my mei was telling me this morning that her friend and her thinks that I should enter politics.. erm.. nah.. I can't..

I'm too weak-willed.. I listen to what people say and as long as they are convincing, I will believe them, even if what they said are not true. As long as the things come out from a respectable person/organization/source, I will tend to give it the benefit of doubt, no matter how absurd it sounds..

That's me, I'm too trusting.. or maybe should say, I'm too lazy to think for my own so I rather listen to what other people say.

That's why I cannot join politics, I don't have a strong conviction.

And I don't really love my country that much :p oppz, did I just say that? But seriously, we live in a age and society where self is more important than anything. So don't blame me :p

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