Monday, March 27, 2006

Majorly pissed

Damn pissed with someone right now!! Argh!! What the fuck is she trying to do??

Just last week she told me that this thing is urgent and that we must send it out asap, regardless what the other party says. Fine, so I went ahead and send it out today. Guess what? She came back to ask me why am I so eager to send the thing out!!

What the fuck?!?! She's the one that wants me to send it out and now she turned it onto me. argh!!!

Then one simple email to reply and she have to get me to stand there and look at her. For what? She can't type?! Fucking pissed.

And it's already 6.25pm, we're off work at 6.30pm and there she tells me that I have to stay back. Thank you for telling me last minute lor. And she didn't even ask if I have anything on, she just say "Jayce you cannot go home."

Duh!! Fuck!! My Ah Dear is downstairs waiting for me already lor. She can't even be bothered to ask if I have anything on.

Damn pissed.. super pissed.. Thanks for being so "considerate"

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