Tuesday, March 07, 2006

iBeat -Illuminated Headphones

Even though I just got my belated birthday present, my wonderfully chio Sony Fontopia earphones, I can't help but get attracted by this..
Yes, it's earphones that lights up :)

I'm a person with very simple needs, just get me things that are small or cute or shiny or all three.. Yes, this pair of earphones fits perfectly into the shiny category!! I like!! It's so cool!!

Check out the webby..

This babe comes in 6 colours and it retails at USD$29.95. If I add another 10USD for shipping and the rest, it'll only come up to S$65!! So cheap!! I want!! Though it's meant for the ipod devices, but I like!! I want!! :p


Anonymous said...

Liked your articles :) better to go thru your blogging to find eating places than searching the net and getting nuts ;) Thanks ! Take care, Neol

Jayce said...

hee.. thank you :) I will strive to eat more and write more.. ^^/

Unknown said...

Hi, do u happen to know if singapore or any other countries still carry this earpiece?