Monday, March 20, 2006


It used to be my Sauvé 李炳宪, but ever since last saturday, he was replaced by the one and only 明道 ^^ yes, he now officially replaces 李炳宪 as my 梦中情人 :)

So what happened on Sat? Or more accurately, Friday night?

I dreamt of my 明道 :) yes, my dearest, cutest 明道.. Can't really remember what the dream was about, just vividly remember him hugging me :) Yes, I'm 幸福的小女人 p(^^)q He was standing there and then he just pulled me into his embrace.. it was so warm.. I felt so protected just resting my head on his chest.. very 幸福..

haha.. ok lah, I've been watching too much tv shows :p that scene was exactly like the 5th episode of 爱情魔发师 where 小贝 ran into 亚斯's arms.. my gosh.. so romantic.. I also want!! :)

And guess what, my wish did come true :p I dreamt of my 明道 that very night :)

But best of all.. it happened in real life!! Yes I'm not kidding, it really happened later in the day! And I was not dreaming!!

It was in the afternoon when Ah Dear was over at my place.. then I was thinking, since Ah Dear is about 明道 's height, so I tried hugging him and guess what? It feels exactly the same!!

When I'm in 明道's arms, I had a 幸福的小女人's feeling.. When I'm in my Ah Dear's arms, I have the exact same feeling!

Turns out my Ah Dear is my 梦中情人 afterall *muaah*

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