Monday, February 06, 2006

Have more pride in being Chinese

Well well, it's hard to think of a title for this post, coz it's slightly controversial. These days, people make such a big hoo-ha over every little thing, and they like to use religion as an excuse. Rubbish!

I was just watching The Apprentice yesterday and was so pissed with that Toral, she's this pretty lady who has Hindi blood in her, and she's damn irritating. First she's so full of herself that I'm surprised that I don't see her flowing all over the place. Hello, get a grip, the world does not revolve around you. And, if she's really as rich and successful as she thinks she is, what the heck did she have to try so hard to work for Donald Trump? Duh!

The reason she gave for not being in the costume was ridiculous! "I can't do it coz of my religion." That's the rubbish she sprouted, when the heck did any religion forbade a person to dress up?

So my point is, people these days like to use religion as an excuse to do things that are not right. They just use religion as an excuse to let themselves go.

I don't like to read books that deals with religion, it's a much too sensitive topic and at most times, it feels like the book is preaching. And the other thing is they make me feel stupid, putting themselves on a pestal and comdemning me for not believing in them. I'm a free-thinker, it does not mean I do not believe, in actual fact, I believe in most religions. I believe that there's truth in most of them and their ultimate goal is really to make this world a better place for everyone to live in.

I'm currently reading Pastwatch, which talks about Christopher Columbus. It's scary to see the extend of people who believes in God, so much so that they actually really believe all the voices they hear in their heads. That's a bit freaky.

Anyway back to my main gripe, it's with the two Chinese Christians I've met. They are so.. argh.. I don't mind them being Christians and trying to preach me on the good things about Christianity, I will just take it that they are spreading the joy that they had found. I mind only a little when they put other religions down, well coz that's the only way to show that they are better than them. It stings but I still don't mind it that much. What really irk me was the fact that they put down being chinese, our chinese traditions. Now that really pissed me off!

I'm amazed at their ignorance of our Chinese traditions and these are people who are already in their fourties and they still do not understand the difference between tradition and religion. They are so blinded by their faith that they start to put everything else down, including our 5000 years of history as a race.

First incident happened years ago over at Darren's niece's birthday party. His relatives were all there and I met his aunt, who was a nice enough lady for me to hold my tongue and my comments when she started to sprout rubbish on things she do not understand. I think it was around the Hungry Ghost Festival period when we went over to the party, so her talk was steered towards the festival. She started commenting on how stupid the Toaist and Chinese in general are, going to lengths to try to appease the ghosts, when a believer in Christ have nothing to fear at all. HA! That was my response, this comment of hers just shows how ignorant she is of this Chinese practice of celebrating the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Just because we do things differently, it does not mean that we are stupid, it just means that we do things in a different way. It's arrogance on her part to make such comments. And it just make her look ignorant for fear of ghosts have nearly nothing to do with the Hungry Ghost Festival. Well maybe it does in the past, but definitely not now.

Every year, tons of money are being poured in to do up eleborate rituals for the ghosts, most of these money comes from businessman. Think about it, are all the Chinese businessman stupid? Why would they dump so much money into something that have no value? Just because they are scared? I really do not think so. These days, everything is about money. The reason why temples have eleborate celebrations is to attract more visitors and thus more donation money. The stages on the roads are done up by businessman who are hoping to strike it big, be it the proper way or the orthodox way. Who cares about appeasing ghosts when you can get "favours" from them? It's all about the money.

After this incident, I thought I've finished my quota of such ignorant people for the rest of my life.. Oh no I'm so wrong. Just the other day, I've met someone like that again.. Where's the pride in being Chinese? Can't being Chinese go together with being a Christian? Tradition and religion should be able to go hand in hand mah.

So I shall not say who.. On our way out, this lady started talking about the red banner 红彩 that Chinese hang at their doors during Lunar New Year. And.. and.. and.. I'm still trying very hard not to roll my eyes.

She was so excited, telling the others she knows the reason why people put the red banner up, it started from the story of Moses. (Huh? Moses? When does Chinese traditions have to do with Moses? Nvm, let's hear what she's gotta say) As we all know, God sent down the 10 plagues during that time and all the first borns will be killed. So in order to save the first borns, God sent a message to all his believers that they should slaughter a goat and use its blood to mark their doors and their first born will be spared. (Yah I know this story, I've seen Prince of Egypt, but what's the link?) So by putting a red cloth over the door, it symbolises the cross drawn by the Jews to protect their children, and thus will help ward off bad spirits. (Oh my God! Please please get me away! What the fuck is she talking about? Do we, as a race with 5000 years of history and heritage, need something from God?! I don't mean to roll my eyes, but really..)

She's really the ultimate siah, and that must be the best joke that I've heard in this year! or maybe this decade! How ignorant can one get? Ask any children who had went to school and they can tell you that Chinese put up red stuff during Chinese New Year in order to chase away the 年獸. Now what does that have to do with Moses and God?

Please, have more pride in being Chinese. Don't throw traditions away just coz they don't go with your religion. Religions are important, but our roots are just as important.


Anonymous said...

Hmm wandering ghost on the net here, I don't know how you can equate being a chinese and tradtions together, or maybe you are just conflating them together based on traditions.

Am damn sure that any person born in some where it's not chinese dominated will probably not feel the same way as you. Culture can seem a very sure thing and yet is a very iffy issue at times. Ask a Mainland Chinese about the importance of the Hungry Ghost Festival , they probably give you a 'huh', but they would be most likely be able to explain the origins of such a festival than most Singaporean Chinese who actually practice it can.

I guess your beef is more like how people who belong to the same ethnic group as you can be so ignorant and disdainful of traditions and practices. It's hard though if they have chosen to accept another way of life that is predetermined by a certain set of values that is vastly different from the one you are intimately familar with.

Right, enough of my nonsense, have a happier new year anyway!

Jayce said...

Happy New Year to you, wandering ghost Ted^^/

You're right, I'm angry at their ignorance. In addition, I don't like the way they put down what I hold as my roots, my traditions, my way of life.

People have a right to be ignorant, just as long as they don't impose their ignorance on me.