Friday, February 10, 2006

The blur blur colleagues

Just received this in my email..

"Hey Jayce I have already faxed it to The person from china and the other number that is for Maria is continuously engaged.

Regarding th dates we have already mentioned 19-29 so, Whats the issue?


*slaps forehead*

I'm organizing a training session in India that's starting next next week, from the 21-27th. So in order to get the participants over, they would need a visa and thus the need for an invitation letter.

As it's a trip to India, I had to get my India colleagues to help me with the letter. And guess what, she wrote down the date as 19-29th. I'm perfectly fine with 19th, coz better earlier than later mah, but 29th?! And she can ask me what's the issue? Don't she have a calendar on her desk? *pengz*

My dear, 2006 is not a leap year.. there's no 29th of Feb this year.

The colleauges in India are helping, but sometimes really very blur.

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