Thursday, January 26, 2006

National Library

Given the super long holidays this lunar new year, I decided to do something constructive other than eating and sleeping (I need to catch up on my sleep before going to the other training). So I decided that I shall read and read this lunar new year.

Though books sound like lose in Mandarin, I don't care, I wanna read read read this year. That's why I went over to the library to borrow some books. I was very focused, did my research online and all my codes written down, so when I got to the library, I just went straight for the books I want.

I like the Woodlands Regional Library, it's big and the collection is pretty extensive, I can normally find the books I want over there. Plus it's near my place mah.

Actually I love all libraries, my mum used to bring us to Bedok library when we were kids and we just loved the place ^^ Reason being there's this huge place for us to run about and just fool around, also I just love reading, that's something me, dajie and kor have in common, we just cannot get enough of books. Mei is different, she lives and breathes tv serials, that explains her fluent Mandarin.

Kinda sad that I can only borrow 4 books for 3 weeks now. I used to temp at the library so I have staff priviledges, which is 8 books for 6 weeks. Good right? Well my dajie, who was a library officer, can borrow 40 books for 12 weeks! Now how good is that? Plus we get to choose the books before the library opens :) so first pick of the best.

But now you can borrow up to 8 books wor, the official reason is that it's the festive season and thus the library kindly double your loan quota and let you borrow up to 8 books. Seems so kind on their part right? You wish. The reason why they upped the loan quota is coz they did not manage to reach their target this year, so in order to desperately try to hit the figure, they double the normal loan quota in hopes of hitting the figures before the accounts close. Simple as that.

This being said, it's not advisable to borrow 8 books right now, not coz I'm against NLB, it's just that 3 weeks is too short for one to finish 8 books. Already I have some problems finishing 4 books in 3 weeks (given work commitments and other stuff), so 8 books is really a trap. It's either going to be a wasted trip, borrowing books that you can't finish then having to return them, or having to pay for renewal fees. So don't borrow 8 books if you know you can't finished reading them.

(postnote: after posting and reading this post, I realise I dunno the point of this post, plus it's darn boring.. I wanted to write about the 3 amazing books I've borrowed, and somehow I got off track :p )

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