Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happen to be there

Sometimes when things happen, we think that it happens coz of us, but yesterday I realise when things are meant to happen, they will happen. The events do not happen just for us, we just happen to be there at that moment.

Honestly I think too highly of myself already, I thought that certain things happened coz of me, my personality, blah blah blah. Then I realise that it's not me, it was going to happen no matter who the person is. Reality check, wake up call, being thrown back to earth.

No one is all important, no one is that significant. The world is huge with zillions of people, who am I to think that I'm important, even to one person? Who am I to think that things happen because of me? I just happened to be there, that is all to it.
Sometimes I try too hard, some things will never change no matter how hard I try. Yet I still try, and end up looking desperate. End up being a loser.

What am I trying to achieve? To feel more important?

I guess so, all of us try to feel important, else we will forever be that little nobody. No one likes to be a nobody, we want attention, we want people to look at us.

But what exactly do we have? Nothing.

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