Thursday, January 12, 2006

For my dearest mei

Xiaobao.. Sometimes things are hard to just let go..

Just try to believe that things always happen for the better, no matter how bad they seem to be like now. Things will always happen, that's what makes us humans and life interesting. If everything is smooth sailing then where would all the love songs come from??

Sorry I'm not around when you need me.. I will be back on monday, so you can talk to me then.. and here's something more to perk you up, I'm going on a shopping trip on sunday, and the Zara and Espirit are much cheaper here wor.. I'm gonna swipe my card already :p

It's always hard, it's never easy, no matter which party you are. It's hard coz you were serious, and that's what matters. You put your heart into something you believe it. It hurts when it failed, but you know you had tried.

You dunno exactly how hard I tried when Darren decided to leave. No one but him knew how hard I tried. But once gone its gone, no matter how hard I tried, he refused to budge. It cut deep, it hurt a lot. But time will make you forget, someone else would come along to make you forget.

Everyone out of love thinks it's the end of the world, but someday we will realise that we are not the world, the world goes on whether we like it or not. It's harsh, but that's life.

Think of the happy times you had, at least you have them. You have the photos and the memories, that's enough already.

Don't ask for too much from him right now. Give each other time and space. Maybe someday your paths will cross again and who knows? There is always hope, but don't pin too much hope on something flimsy. If it happens, it will, if not, it will never.

Take care of yourself ok. I've been trying to give you space, that's why I always chase dajie they all away when you're crying. Take time off for yourself. Go out, shop, have fun!


cindy L™ said...

it's really damn difficult to let go.. you know.. i really miss him.. alot.. :'(

Jayce said...

I know my dearest mei.. *hugz* it's never easy, else they would not call it heartbroken..