Friday, December 02, 2005

Working Towards Our Dreams

These days, it seems like our dreams are getting closer and closer. Maybe we don't even need the 2 years' time that we planned (ok, I admit, he planned, I listened :p)

Things that once seems impossible is now getting more and more feasible. Once we could only dream and hope, now it's more like just waiting for the right time. Maybe it's coz Ah Dear finally got back his pink IC (he was so happy yesterday) and found a good job. Or maybe it's coz he have something else waiting for him which might set him off an even better footing.

Suddenly we're on par now and it seems that he will be going further than I will. That's fine with me, I'm not ambitious and I like the way things are going right now. If he does better than I am doing now, I'm very happy for him.

For me, I'm sticking with this job for another 6 months, see how things goes and decide on what else to do. I have a few projects on hand currently, might have to go to Cebu in Jan. Hopefully if that conference goes well, I will have to chance to go Las Vegas in the later part of 2006. We travel a lot in our department, I really hope there's a chance for me to go to the States :p coz any flight that needs more than 4 hours will be on business class!!

Ah Dear is really doing very well now, his current boss seems to trust him a lot and gives him a few projects to handle on his own. I can see him going far in this line :)

Dreams.. dreams.. dreams.. One day, all our dreams will become reality. I'm definitely looking forward to that day :)

But on the other hand, it's 2 years more. It may seem short, it may seem long. Will we be prepared after 2 years? Will things be the same after 2 years? Is it good to give ourselves this timeline?

I trust Ah Dear, I know he's the kind that once committed, he will do his best and work towards the goal. I'm more worried about myself, I have a fickle nature.. I am trying my best to tame myself (now that sounds kinda weird), but what if sometime happens?

There are loads of question on my mind, but I guess if I don't try, I will never know. I have to give it a try, give it my best shot.

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