Wednesday, December 14, 2005

holiday plans

I hope the title turned out nice.. coz I can't really see the colours at the moment, my screen had decided to turn yellow for this whole afternoon and thus I get a taste of what colour-blind is like.

9 more days before I get my super long leave!! Taking only 4 days of leave but will be having a total of 10 days off!! coz of Xmas and New Year mah.. So what should I do for that long long week?

First is the 27th, where I've already got a date with Tian², going to pamper ourselves and go shopping :) Think Zhen can also meet us, Xianhe should be no problem too.. Ivan.. if he's in the mood to shop with us girls.. and hopefully Jun can get off that day too!! I'm thinking of going for my mani and pedi!! My toe nails are too long already though it still looks great :) hee.. I love my nails ^^/

Other than that, I guess I would be packing my room, maybe paint it also?? Will also catch up on my beauty sleep :p hee.. and watch my 王子变青蛙!!! I wanna watch from start to finish all over again!! But must go hunt for the first 10 episodes :p

The next holiday I'm going to have is in April, going to Bangkok with my dajie and ah dear :) and a whole bunch of other people lah.. Jet Star Asia had a promotion that just ended, for a ticket to Bangkok, it's only 18 bucks!! Cheap right? So the total cost for a return ticket is $111 only :) for a 5D4N trip to Bangkok, it's only costing me a total of $299!! That's so cheap!! It's hardly enough to cover one night over at Grand Hyatt Erawan :p

But my dajie promised me that it's a good hotel with huge room!! It's called Bayioke Sky and it's pretty near the shopping area, so I guess that's good, plus guaranteed high floors, that's even better :)

I can't wait to finally go Bangkok and shop all I want!!

今天终于能用华文来 blog, 因为现在在家里 :)早上有些不适, 所以没上班。

当我想用华文 blog 时,我就没有 Chinese input, 现在有 Chinese input, 就是想不到能写些设么。



nottotian said...

Feels weird to read your blog in Chinese...heh

Jayce said...

haha.. I felt weird typing it too.. I can write in Chinese, but not type.. coz I'm bad at hanyu pingyin :Þ