Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Green Eyed Monster

I was talking to Darren the other day and he said that I'm a insanely jealous girlfriend.. Then I was thinking, huh? Jealous? Me? Then I remembered, I was a pretty jealous person when we were together. But what he did not know was, it took me a very long time to learn to be jealous.

When we just got together, I was fine with him going out with other girls, if he wants to meet his friends, then go ahead, I don't see why I should get angry or should stop him. As long as he lets me know who he is meeting and where he is going, and let me know he's safely home, I'm really ok with him going out with other girls. If there's no trust in the relationship, then what's the point of continuing it?

I was also ok with him looking at other girls. My idea is look lor, what's nice should be appreciated mah.

Then he got kinda upset that I don't get jealous. Huh? Strange right? I think to him it seems like I don't care much about him when I really do very much. So I tried very hard and learnt to be jealous. It really took me a lot of effort, but I managed to do it in the end, else I pretend to be.

I think some people likes their partner to get jealous, coz it shows that s/he cares. I totally understand that, but I like my partner to trust me too, and not get jealous over every little thing.

Oh, Darren does not only get jealous, he gets angry when I get too close with other guys. Based on his life experience, I can understand why he feels that way. And there are perverted people that he warned me about around. And his anger actually just makes me feel more protected and loved. It does.. Strange how I wanted to be free yet yearned his jealousy. I'm always a confused person.

Now Ah Dear is very different, he does not get jealous, he only becomes a pufferfish :p hee.. yepz, like the one in the pic.. very cute hor..
Oh, forget to mention, my Ah Dear is actually my husky :p But I can't find a pic of a husky doing the pufferfish thing, so make do with this :)

Instead of being jealous or angry, Ah Dear will always bloat his cheeks and becomes a pufferfish, then it'll make me laugh and I'll forget all about the other person. That's a great way to bring attention back to himself wor. So smart, must give him doggy treats when I get back home.. hee

So instead of feeling jealous when your guy looks at someone else, why not do something silly like bloating your face up, pretending to be a pufferfish and get his attention back to you :) No point flaring up and making things ugly which would only make the other person seem more attractive.

If that still does not help, try reading this article p(^^)q

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