Friday, December 30, 2005

Creepy Crawlies

Be warned..

water cockroach2

Here's another angle :p

water cockroach
yucky.. and look at the background.. there are actually tons and tons of these for sale :p It's fresh water cockroach, or something just as gross. We nearly brought these for my manager's farewell, but did not get it coz we don't know how to cook it. And even if we did know, I don't think anyone of us would like to taint our pots with it.. *shudders*

All these can be brought over at the supermarket in Golden Mile, so if anyone is planning to sabo their friends, that's the best place to go get all these creepy crawlies.. They have ready cooked ones, insects that had been deep fried already. Those are the ones that we brought.

We got meal worms, grashoppers and waterboatman.. They are really very gross, but it's damn cheap, only 2 bucks for one big pack.. but really very very gross.. kinda freaks me out still when I think of the endless rows of insects and worms..

Oh, they sell small dried frogs too.. and loads of tamarind over at Golden Mile, so the smell of that place is really pretty bad.. Be warned when you step into Golden Mile Complex.

Deep fried scorpions from Imperial Herbal Restaurant.. This looks way better than the other creepy crawlies.. and it comes with a price, for a teeny scorpion of about 3cm long, it costs 5 bucks. Expensive siah.. It's supposed to get rid of wind in the body..

This restaurant used to sell ants and silk cocoons, but after the SARS incident, they stop selling all these stuff and only scorpions.. sianz leh.. the ants that they sell are the real big kind, not the small small ones that we see at home, but a big kind.. I dunnot how to describe them :P

All these insects are meant to sabo my manager, but in the end all of us had to try something, so I went for the most expensive one of course :p hee.. The scorpion actually looks worse that it tastes.. Look carefully and you can see that the sting is still intact.. ugh.. but coz the scorpion is really small, it's really pretty easy to pop it into my mouth.

It's really crunchy and a teeny bit salty at the end. Other than that, there's not much taste to it. So it's really not that bad :p Though I still can't believe that I actually ate it, not a bad achievement I guess :)


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haha.. try going to the supermarket, the smell plus the sight of all these can make one faint :p