Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Too familiar?

When does it come to a point where you are so familiar with someone that eventually you take that person for granted? Or let's not say for granted, but you know that you don't have to do anything special for that person..

Familiarity.. is that a good or bad thing? You know that person so well that you know all his little quirks.. You guys have your life so nicely arranged, this this this day you do this, that day you do something else. It's nice to have a fixed schedule, I'm a person of habit, but sometimes it bores me. There's really only so much pleasure that you can derive form something, after awhile, it gets stale.

Like food, I can't keep eating the same food over and over again, I get really bored and need something else. There are certain food I eat more often than others, but too much of something good is also boring, sometimes it needs something bad to bring out exactly how good it is. Just like the Bangkok business trip let me realise how good Singapore is. Not that Bangkok is not good, it's just that I really prefer Singapore more. It's my home mah.

Being taken for granted, I know we tend to do it, everyone does it every now and then, and most times it's through no fault of ours. We have so much things on our minds, work and such, it's really hard to remember every single thing about someone else. We forget..

But sometimes it's difficult to forgive the lapse, sometimes it really hurts that the person just gloss over it. It's difficult, especially when you yourself made the effort.

Is it really that hard to remember? Or are we really too familiar?

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Anonymous said...

When things get stale, I listen to our favourite song, the one that I played non-stop for 4 hrs while walking to his house just because I wanted to see him (but he was too fast asleep), and I remember how we got together, and why we want to stay together now.