Thursday, November 24, 2005


I got this the other day and it's so sweet..

Anonymous said...
When things get stale, I listen to our favourite song, the one that I played non-stop for 4 hrs while walking to his house just because I wanted to see him (but he was too fast asleep), and I remember how we got together, and why we want to stay together now.

This girl is just so sweet, whoever's the guy with her must be the happiest guy around..

This led me to think about songs.. the songs that we associate with our loved ones, events and such. I remembered I used to love to study with the tv on, coz that the ad jingles/actor's conversations actually helps me to remember what I'm studying. So when I'm taking the paper, I'll try to think of the show that was on when I was revising a particular chapter, and that greatly helped in recalling what I studied. It's true, I swear. But no guarantees that it works for anyone else :p

Most couples have "our song" that one song that was playing when they got together, that one song that they loved to hear when they are together, that one song which totally describes their love.

I have my share of couples songs too.. Most of them came about coz of circumstances and it's not those mutually agreed "our song", I like to think that I was never in that childish phase.. ha.

My songs with Vincent was 冰雨 and 我等您 (I can never get Babelfish to give me the right ni). The first coz that was a song where he sang to me and got me totally mesmerized before we were together.. The second is when we broke up and the song just echos what I feel, the feeling that you didn't want to give up, but you had to, so you give yourself a time period to hold on to that person, after that time, you totally forget about the person. Of course I had not done that, I don't think it's possible to just completely forget a person, no matter what, something somewhere will remind you of that person. And besides, we were always friends to start with, no matter what the friendship should always be there.

My songs with Darren is If you're not the one and Follow Me. Actually I dunno if I should term them as our songs, but they just came to mind when I think of Darren.. The first song came to mind coz I really loved that song. Yeah, it's a sappy song, but I like it, I'm a girl :p I'm a sucker for such stuff, but I like it. He knows that I really like this song, and he went to get something on Daniel Bedingfield for me. It's something really very small, but I still kept it with me coz it meant alot to me. It meant a lot that he took note of what I wanted and went to get it for me. It really meant a lot and it's still safe in my room :)

The other song was one which came about just when we were getting together I think.. Or it was when we just started out.. Old already, I can't remember as well as I like to.. Nah, I'm always forgetful :p Anyway, he sang that song to me before, emphasizing the part.. "And if you want to leave I can guarantee You won't find nobody else like me" It was abit yaya.. but then that's his style anyway, ACS, what do you expect, someone meek?! haha.. and I like it :)

Actually I'm not 100% sure if this is the song that he sang.. coz very long already mah.. but the lyrics sure look like it.. Damn the office pc, would not allow me to listen to the song.. argh..

We managed to catch this song on the radio pretty often, then everytime we would not recognise the song till the chorus part :p (this sentence sounds very wrong grammatically.. argh.. heck care) It was fun listening to this song and having Darren stare at me during the chorus.. And yes my puppy, I really cannot find nobody else like you. Nope, none at all, not even close.

It's fun to think back and see what songs you associate friends and pals and classmates with.

I associate one of 早安老师's song with my primary 6 class, coz we sang that song for our farewell.. Everyone was so so sad then.. Then for my Sec 4 class, it's 天空不要为diao我眼泪, that's a song that we girls liked to sing :p And also 心太软, we love this part "喔,算了吧,就这样忘了吧,该放就放,再想也没有用" That's our song after every test and exam.. hee.. We're a easy-going class, we don't think too much if we can't do well for the papers :p

I remember 水手的歌 from my younger days.. I love love love that song.. It's super old school but it's just so motivating and uplifting. You can't find such songs anymore.. and the classic gan草仙, that one was so funny.. Actually talking about this herb that makes chinese medicine less bitter.. It's really funny but I love all these songs.

What about Ah Dear? Our song.. hmmm.. can I get him to answer that? :Þ

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