Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I just caught the show and it's really darn short.. the cinema was pretty empty too, given that today is the premiere. But then again I went to Shaw Beach Road which is pretty empty most of the time.. still the situation is pretty bad this year, much much worse than last year.

The show was way too short.. so for a person who had read the book, I found the story very choppy and they never explained why some things happened the way they did. And they gave away Barty Couch Jr's (did I get his name right) identity so early in the show. Plus Barty senior just died, with no rhyme and reason.. I don't like the way they handled the story.

Plus I still don't like the new headmaster.. I prefer the old one!!! Why why why did he have to leave the world.. *sigh*

I can't really say if the show is well worth the money, to me it's kinda like slip shod work, but for someone who had not read the story, I think it's a pretty exciting show. There are several parts that are really pretty good, like the World Cup and the Dragon scene.

Other than those two scenes, the show is really pretty dark, and I meant it literally.. the colours used were all of a cool shade, so it's really very dark..

Overall the show is pretty ok, if you can forgive the lack of details and choppy story.

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