Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Singtel Fix Line SMS

I actually find it kinda creepy.. You'll happily pick up a call only to hear this recording telling you that you have received a fixed line sms..

That part is still pretty ok, what is not is when they start to read out the phone number and the message.. most times I find the msg funny as they actually read ".." as "dot dot" and things like that. It's so funny when the machine tries to read out all our sms lingos.

But it's not funny when the message comprises of just my name.. now that is creepy.. and I dunno who the person is, though I already had his phone number written down on a post-it.. But I dun remember who that person is.. *oppz* probably one of my vendor..

Creepy to hear your own name being read out by a machine. In fact I'm pretty surprised that it got my name rite :p

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