Thursday, September 15, 2005

Time is relative

According to Einstein, the measurement of time is constant throughout the universe.. Relativity.. it's abit too chim for me :p besides, who really understood his theory? SF explored a lot on it but it's all scientific speculation.

For me time is relative to my mood.. sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it slows to a crawl.. Most time at work, time flies when I'm busy, there never seem to be enough time to finish the work on hand. Then on other times, time would pass so slowly, with nothing to do at all, having finished all my work and surfing all the blogs that I read everyday..

But on a whole, I feel that time really flies.. before I knew it, I'm already 24, in this job for almost 5 months, together with Ah dear for more than half a year, broke up with Darren for almost a year, graduate from school for 2 years, broke up with Vincent for almost 5 years.. man, time really went flying by..

After my 21st birthday, I have to think before I can tell someone my age.. maybe I can't be bothered to remember my age, maybe it's a mental block, I dunno.. I can always tell someone which year I'm born in, but when it comes to age, I have to do some mental sums before I could answer.. escaping from reality? maybe..

I enjoy my life now, but weekends always seems so short.. before long, it's another long week at work.. I like my job, but I dun enjoy every minute of it, that's why time always seem to pass so slowly when I'm at work.. I never really have much work to do, or I procrasinate too much.. I have a "take it easy" attitude.. sometimes, something just cannot be finished on time, so why bother? there's no point stressing urself out for something that could not be done. The best thing to do is to go off on time, have a good dinner, relax and charge up for the next day.. no point doing OT everyday, making one tired and grumpy, and making mistakes in the process.

But I guess my attitude is what most people call lazy.. bah.. so wat? I'm a Koala, it's my job to laze around most days.. it's my nature to have 20 hours of sleep everyday, which sadly I'm not getting.. and spend the rest of the day munching leaves and lazing.. Plus looking cute 24/7 :Þ that's my life..

Time is really what you make out of it... I dun want to spend my life pursuing a career.. I want to spend my life doing something meaningful.. I want to spend my life with the people I love.. I want to spend my life building a family.. our family..

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