Friday, September 23, 2005

There's Always Sunshine after the Rain

And not to forget rainbows..

Everything is fine now, I'm ok, Ah Dear's ok.. there's nothing a kiss cannot fix.. hee

I admit, my temper is bad *oppz* I'm tryin to change..

But all is fine now.. he's coming to pick me up from work :)

I'm Xin Fu de Xiao Nu Ren.. hee.. oh, and I'm Xiao Ke Ai too.. *winkz*

Tomorrow is gonna be a busy busy day, have to meet yingzhi, go over to vincent's place to see little wenxuan, go over ah dear's place, go over ah ma's place.. wah, very big difference from my normal sleep till noon, eat, then sleep some more routine.. hee..

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