Monday, September 26, 2005

Seven Sisters Gathering..

Starting from the eldest, Tian², Zhen², Ivan (aka Ivana), Jun², Me, Xianhe and Xuan². The 7 of us kinda grouped together over our secondary school years and became best of friends ever since..

Me, Tian², Zhen² and Jun were from the same primary school class, then together we went on to Dunman High together. Knew Xianhe from sec 1 as my napping-buddy during our choir sessions. Xuan became my best buddy in sec 3 and we gotta know Ivan through, believe it or not, Teenage panpel column *gasps*

Oh yah, sometimes we're called the Feng gang :p courtesy of Jianhong back in sec 4.. honestly didn't know how this name came about, probably coz I was the most noisy in the group?! haha.. or coz I was the most boy-crazy.. haha.. I was young then mah *defending myself* but then I dun think I had changed much :p

We had alot of fun times together, watching movies, going ice-skating, chalets, makan makan and more makan!! most of the time we go out to eat.. hee..

We don't meet up often, meeting every 2~3 months, and when there's any birthdays.. these days our meetings includes boyfriends, so it's always a big group. But the kind of meetups that I like the most are those with only the 7 of us around.. so we can talk and bitch and gossip all we like without having our partners feel left out :p

So last Saturday we met up at Ivan's place for a lovely homecook meal!! yummy!!! But first I have to apologise to everyone, so so so so sorry for reaching so late.. I was really overbooked that day :( last minute gotta send my mum to my ah ma's place (all the way at bukit batok) and then go down myself at a later time.. sorry sorry.. for reaching late and leavin early.. so so sorry :(

Ivan is a pretty good cook wor, he made us some lovely steamed fish, stir-fried chicken, asparagus with carrots and prawns in tomato sauce. I wanted to make Japanese salad but due to lack of time, I brought satay from clementi!!! (note: satay was to blame for my lateness too!! it was so crowded that i waited for about half an hour for them!!! *excuses*)

We had a hearty meal.. ending with omg, delicious chocolate cake that Tian brought!! plus two tubs of ice-cream!! It was really really good.. shall post the pictures later, haven uploaded them.. The chocolate cake was real great, with biscuits inside and just the right amount of chocolate mousse.. ooo.. nice.. and the ice-cream were.. *hic* super loads of alcohol inside.. so I didn't take much in case i start seeing stars again..

But food was secondary compared to the company... We updated each other on our lives, and Xuan called so we had a pretty good chat.. :) finally knew about Henry.. knew that Jun got a new job.. knew that Xuan is applying for PR over in Australia.. then joked about alot of things including what prompted me to write my previous post :p

It's really great to have the 7 (Xuan via phone) of us together and talking just like what we used to do back in school. It's like a time where there's no more worries about work, all we know is to enjoy each other's company and just be ourselves. So that's what people call letting our hair down :)

Right now we're gonna plan an Australia trip next year to visit Xuan and her two doggies!! will try very very hard to save up :p

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