Tuesday, September 06, 2005


pooky3I have a bear² called Perfect.. It's called Perfect coz it's perfect, flawless.. there's a story behind how I found, almost got, didnt get, found again and got it.. but the most important thing is that I finally got my Perfect.

But what is Perfect in life? A Perfectionist? A Perfect daughter? A Perfect student? A Perfect employee? A Perfect wife?

I dun go for perfection in my life, not because I dun wan or like it, it's coz I'm too lazy to strive for it.. sometimes it just seems too hard..

My boss is a perfectionist, everything must be just right for so, all the teeny little details.. so much so that she makes everyone around miserable.. but only for the time when we're rushing for certain stuff.

I'm not a perfectionist, I can live with imperfections, I can live with my life going wrong at times, screwing up at times.. It's ok for me coz I know life always serves curve balls at ya.. And I dun like to plan, I dun like to plan ahead coz somehow things never see through.. maybe it's just me.. yah, it's me, the dreamer that wants everything yet don't want to work for it.

And sometimes, I try not to plan, coz without planning there's no expectations, and without expectations, there's no disappointments.. we expect too much and we get sorely disappointed by the way things turn out. So why not dun expect at all, and anything good that happens will be an added bonus..

That's why I'm gonna leave my wedding to a wedding planner next time.. or maybe to Xuan and Jun :p it's too stressful tryin to plan for your own wedding.. I cannot even start imagining the logistics and the plannings that go into it.. All I want is to enjoy and have fun on that day, on top of being the prettiest and happiest person around of course..

Marriage.. It does not have to be the perfect marriage, dearie does not have to be the perfect husband. Being perfect is too stressful. We should just be ourselves. And I'm not perfect too, I have a terrible temper and I use my 小可爱 skills like everyday :p plus I'm too lazy, so there's no way I can be perfect.

What I want is for us to be perfect for each other.. that's the best thing that can happen :)

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