Sunday, August 21, 2005

Superb Splendid Shangrila, Mad Miserable Me

shangrila2Went over to Shangrila to help out with an event last thursday.. and the place was darn pretty.. very grand and lovely.. haven been there since I was very very young.. was I was kinda excited having the chance to go over there for the event.. haiz.. u cant start to imagine how how how wrong I was to be so excited..

shangrilaHad our event at the Lotus Room.. it was nice and cosy.. actually Shangrila is a great place to hold any meeting or seminar, coz the staff there is jus great, very accomodating and very willing to help out.. of course considering the amount of money you pay, of course the service must be good..

shangrila store2But haiz.. went over to Shangrila to do shit work.. instead of being in the seminar room, helping out with maybe the setting and stuff.. i was actually stuck in the storeroom!?! can u believe it?!?

I'm in the lovely 5-star famous Shangrila hotel and I'm actually stuck in the storeroom.. and it's jus the start..

See all the colourful stuff behind me? I was there to help out with an impromptu party that my big boss decided to throw that very morning.. Sometimes it's darn irritating.. having to do all the work at the very last minute.. This whole training session was terrible coz there's alot alot of changes at the very last minute, so my poor colleague had to rush about and do this and that.. and including going back from the hotel at 3am and reaching back at the hotel at 7am.. I'm so lucky I'm not directly involved in the session..

balloonsAfter sorting out the candies and stuff, gotta start blowing the balloons.. see the amount of balloons that we had to blow.. *out of breathe* after blowing and writing on the balloons, i was.. .. ..

shangrila store3haha.. ok lah, i didn't really blow the balloons, we actually got help from the hotel stuff :p and we had the pump thingy, else sure die one.. haha..

but still I had a HORRIBLE time, coz whilst I was writing on one of the balloons.. it BURST on me!! right in my face!! it was darn darn darn scary lor.. *shiver* *heart pounding* After that I kept my distance, far far away from the balloons..

Things only went downhill from there.. had to do more shit work, carry things here and there, rushing to put up all the decor for the party in 10 minutes.. rushing here and there, havin to endure nosense by my boss, coz she was jus too darn tired and cant make sense at all, having to go back and forth the office and hotel.. It's the first time in my entire life that I've took 6 cab rides in one day!!

6 cab rides coz it was expensive to print stuff in the business centre, imagine paying 50cents a sheet.. crazy.. so we had to go back to the office to print out notes then send it back to the hotel.. running back and forth.. All in all, it was terrible.. and only went home after midnight.. good thing is that Shangrila is near to PIE, so got home in about 20 minutes time.

toilet5Shangrila is really very pretty and grand, especially the toilets, that's the place I like most about the whole hotel.. although I haven really had a chance to explore the hotel :p

But it's really a haven after the hustle and bustle of helping out with the training.. It's darn quiet and looks jus so lovely.. I like decors with alot of wood, though it makes the place looks dark, it has a very homely feel to it..

toilet4Plus they have seats for pple to sit down and slowly touch up on their makeup :p I like a separate area for touching up makeup, then ur bag would not get wet :p

toiletAnd I love hotel toilets coz they always have mirrors facing each other, to make the place look darn big.. and it's fasinating for me coz u can see so so many reflections of urself in the mirrors :) hee.. really very fun mah.. hee..

Wellz, things cant always be bad mah, good things are bound to happen and it does.. even though i was mad (at my boss) and miserable on that day, my dearie made my day again.. sometimes, i really wonder how sweet can he get, doing all the things he did for me :p

So he was planning to meet me at Shangrila and send me back home, but coz of my going back and forth and not knowing what time will things end, I told him not to come pick me up.. He did not, but then he knew I had a craving for nasi lemak then.. so he went down to Chong Pang to get my fav nasi lemak and went over to my place to wait for me.. :) then whilst I was on the cab, i was messaging him, and he came downstairs to wait for me.. so sweet rite?? hee..

Then the next day we went to work together :) had breakfast before he sent me to my office :) hee..

Thank you Dearie for everything you had done :) and happy 7th monthsary :) hope u like the bear bear :p

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