Monday, August 01, 2005

Made in Singapore

Yeah, we're made in Singapore :p regardless of our skin tones, we're made in Sinagapore :p hee.. and we're proud to be so, jus see the grins on our faces :)

Why so patriotic all of a sudden?? I've always loved Singapore though I keep telling pple my great grandparents came from Taiwan, 金门 to be exact :Þ hee.. I like Taiwan, always wanted to go there but haven got the chance to..

Ok, enough talk about Taiwan, the title is Made in Singapore, of course I'm gonna talk about NDP :p

Another thing I like to tell everyone.. when i was this small (less than a metre in height), my dad said he's gonna bring me to watch NDP, but I'm already this tall (ok lah, only 1.5m but i blame it on my folks.. hee) and I still haven got the chance to view the National Day Parade. haiz.. my dad always bluff me.. oh wellz..

But this year, I got the chance to go to NDP!!! yeah!! ok, it's the preview, but then it's almost the same, in fact I think the preview is much better, will get into the details later :p

Dearie managed to get tickets from Elvin and we went over to the Padang last Saturday for the parade. But i think Dear² is really a Hor Sin, literal translation meaning Rain God and not housefly oki.. It was raining very heavily in the late morning and it continued all the way till jus before the parade started.. was drizzling and drizzling, but heng jus right before the parade started, the rain stopped..

Due to the recent paranoia, they actually have scanning machines to check our bags to make sure we dun carry any weapons or bombs :p after putting my bag thru the x-ray machine, i got this sticker stuck on my bag. I was not supposed to take the sticker off but no one really bothered to check whilst we were at the parade nor when we went out of the grounds. Oh well, at least they bothered to check through.. or maybe I looked too guai already, that's why they dun bother to check me.. hee..

That's us seated in the green zone.. it was still drizzling when we got to our seats so we don the ugly, over-sized caps with Akira logo at the back and the garbage bag raincoats..

hmm.. dear²'s expression is kinda weird in this picture hor.. hee.. I look so gong in the cap, it's so big :p

Anyone whose going over to the parade, remember to take a nice nice picture, and post it on the billboard via mms, it's fun to see our faces on the big screen :p hahaha.. becoming egoistic like Garfield already :Þ I love Garfield!!! I love Pooky..

Oki, got out of point.. see the two platforms at the upper left and right hand corner, there's actually pple up there and they move from one platform to another by ropes, fireman style?? what is the way to cross from one place to another with only 2 ropes?? anyway that's how they move from one platform to the other.. so scary.. what if the person slips and falls?? *shudders* I know there are safety lines, but still very scary leh :p

And the NDP committee is so generous, see what they gave us, Nokia 3230 leh!! haha.. wait long long lor.. it's jus a torch that looks like the phone.. still very cute.. hee..

When I dug into the gift pack, i was like, eh, so good got phone ar.. then on closer look, I realise it's a torch.. oh well.. and the stupid thing is that they didnt put in the battery, instead they threw in in the bag, so u'll have to dig and dig before you can find the 2 batteries..

And Gurmit Singh made a funny joke, we have a torch that looks like a handphone this year, next year we'll get a handphone that looks like a torch.. hee.. ok, it doesn sound funny like that but then it was real funny when Gurmit said it :Þ

The parade itself was rather boring.. the usual run of the mill stuff.. songs, march, floats..

ndp preview22

ndp preview15

ndp preview29

ndp preview26

Even the fireworks were kinda disappointing.. It's strange coz the fireworks were all pretty low down in the sky, so it was blocked by the screens.. or maybe it's jus the area that we were in.. not the best that I've seen.. but still ok, and I saw a star-shaped firework.. last year was hearts, this time round it's star.. now how cool is that? :p

The highlight of the parade (to me la) is the display of the military and police vehicles.. gotta see tanks and such.. and i love the new WRX police cars :p so nice.. it's sti version, 260 horse power with no power cut.. how cool is that :p hahah.. maybe not alot, but u can speed and no one can catch u.. hee

The other highlight is when one of the guard of honor fainted.. flag bearer somemore leh.. so exciting.. haha.. that guy sure die liao.. sure kanna guard duty when he gets back to camp.. ok, i'm being mean.. poor guy, faint leh, guard of honor leh, it must had been a tough day for him..

Ok, come to the funny part of preview.. coz it's a preview, there's only one minister who came.. cant remember his name already, it's a malay guy :p but in order to reherse properly, they actually got students (?) to stand it.. it was so funny.. some tried to keep a straight face, some tried to pretend to be interested in the performances.. the best one is this guy representing the more cabinet minister.. He was escorted into the padang area by 4 police escort, but he came in a toyota corolla :p that was funny already coz at least the rest came in Mercedes or some other european car.. then when he came out of the car, he was actually waving Royalty-style.. the whole audience was laughing and laughing.. it was a real funny sight :p

Overall it was a fun experience, going to the actual grounds to watch the parade, but if u ask me if I wanna go again, I think I'll pass.. i rather go somewhere else :p


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