Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I go by Feel

I can never be a designer.. coz I do things by feel.. I can tell u it's pretty, but I cant tell u why..

I did a design course once, coz I used to want to be an interior designer when I was young.. and we are constantly doing designs. the one question that my tutor likes to ask is, why is this particular thing here and not there.. for that, i can only answer coz it looks nicer there.. but why? he would probe, and I never have an answer to that.

Like my English, which was relatively good (cant say much about it now).. Hey i got an A2 for GP oki *gloats* but then ask me to explain what's a noun, verb.. I would really go huh?? I cant explain them, but I can use them. As long as the sentence sounds rite to me, it's probably right. I cant explain why it is right, I can only tell you whether it's right or not.

That's why it's important to listen to good english. I credit my good gp grades to 2 things, one is MTV channel and the other is my lavender scented correction liquid (ok lah, correction liquid is liquid paper, jus wanted to sound chim mah). The latter coz it pleased the marker and thus making her give me high scores.. the former coz they do speak good english, got me addicted and made me listen to them talk for hours and hours on. Ask me to listen to the news, I would say bulls to you.. so boring.. ask me to listen to Mike Kassam speak, yeah, I can sit there for the whole day.. what do u expect from a teenage girl??

For many things in my life, I go by feel.. if it feels right, it's probably right, at least to me.. but there are many times where I did things that do not feel right for me, or I try to convince myself that it feels right. End up most of those times, the things turned out wrong, very wrong.. but what to do?? Life is a series of mistakes, you jus have to learn to pick yourself up after every fall, and learn of ways of not falling into the same hole again.

But I'm a fool.. I keep falling into this particular hole.. climb out, fall back in again.. but that's just the way I am.. a stumbling fool


b.muse said...

Hmm.. While we are very different in a lot of things, from time to time, I wld get amazed at how similar we are in certain ways.. Can totally identify wif wat u say about our linguistic abilities.. that unexplainable feel. :)
Haha, lavender scented correction fluid.. definitely rem tat! The good ol' days... miss u gal!

Jayce said...

yeah.. and i think u bring good luck.. remember it was you who pointed out my A to me?? :)

miss you too girl!!