Friday, July 29, 2005

I love my Sketchers!!

I really really do.. they have to be the best present that I've ever got.. yeah, it's even better than the Ralph Lauren perfume :p But I haven been the best of owner and neglected them in the recent months (now that's making my sketchers sound like a pet :p).. they had been kept in the shoe cupboard, with dust and creepy crawlies as companions..

But today I've decided to don them on and my ever trusty Sketchers did not let me down.. I could walk/run/jump/climb with no problems at all..

oh yah, the shoe is the pic is obviously not my legs :p my legs are fairer hor.. and then this is not my shoe, but it looks similar.. mine have a hole at the back.. it's weird but it lets air in :p

I really really miss wearing my sketchers.. Sneakers must be invented by the smartest guy in the world.. he invented something that is so comfortable and totally protects your feet.. *praise to him*

Wrapped in my comfy sketchers, my feet felt relaxed like they had never been in months.. I hate office wear and especially the shoes that goes with them.. heels and all, hurts my feet and makes my sole all rough and hard *sad* but in my sketchers, i felt so liberated.. and i actually walked from my office (Millenia Towers) to Cityhall in less than 15 minutes!! I would be even faster if not for the damn crowd over at citilink :p

I love my Sketchers!!!

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